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Datoop Big Data Suite


NoSQL – HBase & Cassandra

Distributed key-value stores to store big tables with fast access.

SQL using Hive

Do Sql queries over Hadoop.


Search data in HDFS.

Machine Learning & Stream Processing

Use Spark For fast, in-memory and real-time stream processing over Hadoop

Data Migration & Management

Data discovery, & Data Migration.

Big Data Suite

Big Data can transform an organization into a competitive organization by making it information-driven. Datoop's Big Data Suite is the best tool for achieving this.

Datoop's Big Data Suite, provides:
Integrated System – Different Users and Applications work on an integrated system.
Security – Authentication, Authorization
Automated Management – Advanced data management, fault tolerance, failure recovery, automated backup.

Strategize Big Data:

  • Strategize the Volume, Velocity, and Variety properties of data.
  • Seamless integration with existing analytics, warehouse, & other solution.
  • Map Reduce, Sql queries, Pig Scripts, Text based Search.
  • Security is integrated.

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