Datoop Big Data Suite: Suitable for Driving Enterprise Big Data Processing

Utilize the true potential of your data with our Big Data Suite and Big Data Services


Big Data can transform an organization into a competitive organization by making it information-driven. Datoop's Big Data Suite is the best tool for achieving this.

Datoop's Big Data Suite, provides:

Integrated System – Different Users and Applications work on an integrated system.

Security – Authentication, Authorization

Automated Management – Advanced data management, fault tolerance, failure recovery, automated backup.

Strategize Big Data

  • Strategize the Volume, Velocity, and Variety properties of data.
  • Seamless integration with existing analytics, warehouse, & other solution.
  • Map Reduce, Sql queries, Pig Scripts, Text based Search.
  • Security is integrated.


Datoop's Offerings

Datoop's Big Data Suite - Hadoop Ecosystem is combined to create an Integrated System to fulfil industy's Big Data Needs.


Cluster Management - User Interface that eases installation, management of the Big Data Cluster


Datoop's Support - Big Data Experts give real time support like troubleshooting.

Datoop Big Data Suite


Datoop Big Data Suite's Extra Components that enhances the offerings of Apache Hadoop:

SQL using Hive

Sql queries over Hadoop.

Data Migration & Management

Data discovery, & Data Migration.

Datoop Big Data Suite Editions

Each Datoop Big Data Suite is designed for your specific needs.


Manage Core Hadoop Components.

Pro Edition

Use Extra components that completes the Datoop's Big Data Ecosystem.

Production Edition

Every component of Datoop's Big Data Ecosystem with unlimited usage.

*Optional Premium Support for each edition is provided by Datoop.